Soonwald-Nahe - Nature Reserve

Nature Reserve

WHAT IS A Nature Reserve?

The Soonwald Nahe Nature Reserve encompasses very different landscapes in a small area.

Stretching from the harsh plateaus of the Hunsrueck, across the quartzite on the crests of the “legendary“ Soonwald, with its deeply incised river valleys, all the way up to the vine clad slopes of the sun drenched, dry Nahe Valley. This combination of opposites brings forth the unmistakable character of our Nature Reserve and offers one of a kind quality living. First, there is the Nahe wine, which is no longer an insider tip among experts, but an established top location for red and white wines. The ridges of the Soonwald protect the wine slopes of the Nahe Valley towards the north like a green cap.

The expansive deciduous forests bring fresh air with lots of oxygen to the health and spa cities Bad Kreuznach, Bad Muenster am Stein and Bad Sobernheim. Guests have the opportunity to combine a visit at the three spas with a visit to the woodlands. The Schinderhannes and the Jaeger aus Kurpfalz (“Hunter from the Electoral Palatinate“) were just as at home here in the Soonwald as the deer and shy wildcats who do not like streets.

The Soonwald has yet to unfold all its secrets but, one can track them. The old wall ruins deep in the forest and many castles tell tales of Celts and Romans and of the Middle Ages. But, even in this day and age the landscape has marked an epoch, the television series "Heimat" (Homeland) leads through the life and history of a family, beginning in the Hunsrueck village "Schabbach". Even today one can still find backdrops in various villages of the plateau.

The alternating landscapes and climates in a close area are reflected in a great diversity of species in flora and fauna. In the Soonwald-Nahe Nature Reserve one can find different types of habitats such as flowering glades, fens, slate tunnels, juniper heath, wild growing fruit trees, nature- oriented streams, flood plains, dry grass and fallow vine slopes with ample orchid populations. Wine and forest have engaged in an exciting alliance in our Nature Reserve.