Soonwald-Nahe - Nature Reserve

Nature Reserver


The people of the Soonwald-Nahe area have chosen a concept for their Nature Reserve which puts the unique character of the landscape comprising forest and viticulture in first place. This interaction of very different habitats serves to ensure the well-being of all living creatures. This applies for guests here on holiday as well as residents, for animals as well as plants.

The concept Forest-Wine-Well-being means that besides the protection of our cultivated landscape, the environmentally friendly usage which offers a living and working future to the persons in the Nature Reserve, is also included.

The heart of the Nature Reserve is the Soonwald, having very few residents it is characterised by large areas of peace in the centre of the forest, far away from the sounds of civilisation. After hurricane "Wiebke" in 1990 the contingent of deciduous forest was considerably increased by reforestation and natural juvenescence. Today the Soonwald consists mainly of mixed forests. Special features are the wildcats, rare bat species, a colony of swifts, the black stork and the hazel hen.

In the Soonwald-Nahe Nature Reservation we are particularly devoted to the protecting the highly individual elements of the landscapes. With the help of Nature Reserves we would like to make it possible for many persons to experience nature, pull them out of their daily routines and open up new perspectives. In order to make this possible we are working together with highly motivated people, groups and clubs and regional companies who bring the facets of well-being to life in the Nature Reserve. There are the forest rangers who live like “Asterix in the woods” with children, spa hotels rich in tradition with qualified naturopathic offers such as clay baths as well as modern methods of relaxation with meditation or massage. Trainers to help the manager up on a high-wire get back into balance, vintagers who take their guests into the vineyards and cellars and entertain in romantic inns kept by vintagers called “Straußwirtschaften” and butchers and cooks who will not only enchant you with delicious “wild” products of the region such as bear’s garlic, mushrooms, wild boar and deer but are also willing to share their tips and tricks with you.
In the future nature conservation, local tourism, an environment friendly agriculture and the local small businesses will all be able to relate to the concept Forest-Wine-Well-being and also all profit from it together.

The Soonwald-Nahe Nature Reserve supports the promotion of regional products and enhances the added value in the region. The concept of development is to continue to environmentally friendly make use of, and not the hinder, the use of the cultivated landscape which is rich in tradition. This can only be made possible with the people of the region, which is why the Soonwald-Nahe Nature Reserve co-operates with several different social groups and supports the balance of interests among them. By dedicated marketing the Nature Reserve achieves great understanding and acceptance for nature conservation and environmentally conscious actions, promotes regional identity and an overall lasting development of the rural area.

That makes the concept Forest-Wine-Well-being motto and responsibility for all parties.