Soonwald-Nahe - Nature Reserve

Nature Reserve


The supporting organisation of the Soonwald-Nahe e.V. (registered association) Nature Reserve together with all interested public and private institutions and persons has the goal to protect, care for and develop the environment and landscape in the Soonwald-Nahe Nature Reserve.

The ongoing goal is to effectively secure, improve or restore the efficiency of the natural environment, natural assets, native wildlife as well as the variety, characteristics and beauty of nature and landscapes as a living foundation for people.

Further responsibilities of the supporting organisation:

  • Formulation of concepts for the protection, care and development as well as regeneration precautions and tourism guidance
  • Co-ordination of land care measures and other measures leading to the goal, in co-operation with the responsible and affected professional authorities, institutes and associations.
  • Planning, furthering and sustaining Nature Reserve facilities for regeneration.
  • MInvolvement in the conservation of historic, cultivated landscapes and the surroundings of buildings and monuments which are already protected and worth protecting
  • Conducting of nature and landscape information and teachings for the interests of the Nature Reserve and ecology.
  • Encourage the ongoing use and promotion of regional products and the strengthening of the regional identity.
  • Secure a regenerating landscape and an environmentally and socially acceptable tourism

Managing committee
The managing committee is responsible for leading the association according to the articles and the guidelines and decisions decided on by the agencies. It is responsible for all business regarding the association unless otherwise assigned by the articles of the general meeting.

District Administrator Bertram Fleck, Simmern

Vice chairmen
District Administrator Franz-Josef Diel, Bad Kreuznach
Gerd Danco, Nassau

Summary: Board members

Advisory committee
The advisory committee accompanies principle works of the association and supports the board in important factual questions; it suggests initiatives and participates in the achievement of tasks.
The members of the advisory committee are appointed by the managing committee for a period of three years. Chairman of the advisory committee is Mr. Reinhard Klauer from Sargenroth. The advisory committee meets at least once a year..
The managing committee determines the number of members. In the advisory committee persons and institutions should be represented, which support the activities of the Soonwald-Nahe Nature Reserve.

Summary: Members of advisory committee

Branch office
The branch office of the supporting organisation is located in the county administrations in Bad Kreuznach and Simmern.
Mr. Juergen Frank, county administration Rhein-Hunsrueck, and Mr. Marco Rohr, county administration Bad Kreuznach, have been appointed as managers.

All communes in the district of the Nature Reserve can become members of the association. Also legal persons, individual persons as well as other institutions can, by decision of the board, become sponsoring members without a vote in the general meeting.