Soonwald-Nahe - Nature Reserve



The Nature Reserve has a share of the unspoiled nature areas of the Soonwald with the north-western and south-eastern bordering  pre-stages (Simmern dell, pre-stage of the Soonwald and lower Nahe hilly country), which, regarding structures and functions of the Nahe regeneration and regional development, come together as an entity. That is why we are also trying to combine parts of the region which belong together in terms of cultural history and economy under one “roof”.

An important part of the Nature Reserve are the landscape conservation areas (LSG) Soonwald (27.400 ha), Hoxbach-, Graefenbach-, Ellerbach valleys (10.200 ha) and Nahe Valley (6.800 ha). Today approximately 60 % of the Nature Reserve, with a total area of 73.600 ha, has the status of a landscape conservation area.

Natureräumliche Gliederung enlarged view Detailansicht Natureräumliche Gliederung

In the west the boundary begins at the city of Kirn, follows along the border of the Landscape Conservation Area Soonwald along the Hahnen stream and extends north along the Kyr stream. The northern boundary, drawing in the cities Kirchberg and Simmern, leans towards the lines of the Hunsrueck railway and the B 50. East of Simmern, Rheinboellen marks the corners of the plain whereby the border runs past the Simmer stream and the Brenzweiler stream to the border of the Landscape Conservation Area Rhein

The north-eastern border is oriented on the border of the Landscape Conservation Area Soonwald, running east of Stromberg. The wine growing areas of the middle Gulden stream  valley and lower Graefen stream valley bordering on the Soonwald or its pre-stages have been integrated into the Nature Reserve. Along the Nahe Valley the health resorts and spa cities Bad Kreuznach, Bad Muenster am Stein-Ebernburg and Bad Sobernheim play a part in enhancing the elements “Health and Regeneration“ in the Nature Reserve.