Soonwald-Nahe - Nature Reserve



The bodies of water in the Nature Reserve are divided into four large entities:

  1. The flow of the river Nahe in the direction from south-west to north-east
  2. Three relatively large streamsthat flow completely through the main crest of the Soonwald from north-west to south-east and meet in the Nahe: Hahnen stream, Simmer stream and Gulden stream.
  3. Medium sized streams that come from the Hunsrueck high crest water shed and flow either north to the Rhein-Hunsrueck district or south (Gräfen-, Eller-, Hox stream) and/or north-east (Seibers- und Dörre stream) indirectly via the Gulden stream and meet in the district Bad Kreuznach in the Nahe.
  4. A multitude of untouched small and smallest streamlets, that meet in the above mentioned water systems

All water categories are characterised by a particularly large amount of relatively nature-oriented water structures with partially nature-oriented waterside structures and beds, marsh areas but also attractive low mountain range stream sections with structures typical of, or similar to gorge forests with a large diversity of species.

Due to the special quality and closeness to nature large sources and a high amount of rare and very attractive species of plants and animals such as the kingfisher, white-throated-dipper, grape saxifrage, Sponsheimer saxifrage, common clubmoss, tonguefern, brook lamprey, sculpin, dice snake, small green-eyed hook-tailed dragonfly and many more are found. Even beavers have set up house south of Simmern.

The high quality rating of waters and the mainly untouched by human influences water and valley sectors create a very attractive and unique landscape in the Soonwald-Nahe Nature Reserve.