Soonwald-Nahe - Nature Reserve



Rhineland Palatinate is the federal state with the relatively largest number of forests in Germany. 42 percent of the land is covered by forests. Forestry’s are active in almost all of the wooded areas. The state forestry’s have sovereign supervision over the forests of Rhineland Palatinate.

Rhineland Palatinate has not always had this many forests. At the end of the 18th century the forests were almost completely destroyed. From the experiences of the past a forestry has developed that is committed to sustaining the forests.

Sustaining means that all products and services of the forests, for example wood, will now and in the future be available to our children in the same amounts and quality and that they too will be able to enjoy the beauty of the forests daily.

To achieve this goal the forestry strengthens sturdy mixed forests and manages these in nature oriented manor. This means that tree types that are adapted to our climate and grow well in the soil here are supported.  These mixed forests are steadier against dangers and offer an ideal habitat for various rare plants and animals.  A total of 50 types of trees grow here in Rhineland Palatinate.