Soonwald-Nahe - Nature Reserve



The Soonwald-Nahe Nature Reserve cuisine reflects the diversity of the landscape and its products in a very tasty manor.

The foundation of our local enjoyments are solid dishes such as "Grumbeere" (potato)-Wurst (sausage), filled potato dumplings, spicy – juicy Schwenk- and Spießbraten (roasts on a grill or rotating over a fire) or suckling pig with vegetables and crispy salads. Sometimes we walk on the “wild” side, for example when the back of a young boar from the Soonwald is served, a Schinderhannes platter, an Entenpfuhler poacher’s salad or when there are a few daisies swimming in the bear’s garlic soup. If you prefer fine cuisine you should try dishes created with the delicious Nahe wine such as the Nahe Vintagers pot or the Wallhaeuser Wine Soup. Some cooks have even come “close to the stars” with the good ingredients from the region.

If you would rather know how to “unblanket“ a deer and prepare venison; if you would rather know how to make use of elderberries in the kitchen, how Riesling pomace develops or which Nahe wine goes particularly well with which dish ("Pinot Noir to wild pig or perhaps better a classic Pinot Blanc ?") you will find people in the Nature Park Soonwald Nahe that are willing to share their culinary knowledge with you. Living by the motto: to share enjoyment doubles the enjoyment.