Soonwald-Nahe - Nature Reserve



One always says that landscapes have differing events according to their preferred beverages.

Wine drinkers celebrate different than beer drinkers. Not only is the Kirn beer brewed in the Soonwald-Nahe Nature Reserve, a wonderful Nahe wine is also produced here, not to mention the delicious wild fruit juices from the Soonwald. Perhaps it is this wide variety of goods that brings together so many festivities and moods from very hearty to contemplative in the Soonwald-Nahe country.

The calendar always has a surprise waiting no matter what the season is. Be it the traditional over 500 year old Nunkircher Market near Sargenroth, the election of the Soonwald fairy or a wine queen, mediaeval or Celtic festivities, wine flower and harvest festivals or Christmas markets with the chance to cut your own fir…