Soonwald-Nahe - Nature Reserve

Nature Reserve


Schinderhannes-Soonwald-Cycle path
Length of path: 16 km
Route: Simmern - Gemuenden

Schinderhannes-Soonwald-Cycle path from Simmern 
                   to Gemuenden

The cycle path uses long stretches of the disused railway line at the northern border of the Soonwald. Once a steep passage between Simmern and Riesweiler has been mastered, the bicycles roll through an idyllic meadow valley and by gentle streams all the way to Gemuenden. The route can easily be combined with the northbound Schinderhannes cycle path which begins by Simmern and leads to Emmelshausen.

Luetzelsoon-Cycle path
Length of path: 39 km
Route: Kirchberg - Kirn

Luetzelsoon-Cycle path from Kirchberg to Kirn

The cycle path connects the Hunsrueck Heights with the Nahe Valley offering wonderful views across the vast forest heights of the ridge on the Idarwald, Luetzelsoon and Soonwald. It passes by the town Woppenroth also known as "Schabbach" from the "Homeland-Trilogy" (Heimat). There is a railroad connection in Kirn.

Nahe-Cycle path
Length of path: 128 km, about 60 km leads through the Natur Reserve Soonwald-Nahe
Route: Along the Nahe from the source (northern Saarland) to the rivermouth (Bingen)

Nahe-Cycle path along the Nahe

On the first 50 km to Idar-Oberstein the path is curvy running away from the young Nahe River and with several steep climbs. From Idar-Oberstein eastward bound the Nahe-Cycle path is a comfortable river tour through the Nahe countryside with its slate and quartz formations, the precious gem region around Idar-Oberstein, the Nahe vinyards and its spa cities.

Kleinbahn (Narrow-gauge railway) - Loop cycle path
Length of path: 39 km
Route: Loop path northwest of Bad Kreuznach

Kleinbahn (Narrow-gauge railway) - Loop cycle path	
                    Bad Kreuznach

The loop path uses the tracks of two former narrow-gauge railways that connected Bad Kreuznach with the southern Soonwald. The two valleys Ellerbach and Graefenbach characterise the path which overcomes the watershed between Allenfeld and Argenschwang by way of a pronounced elevation. Along the way several castle ruins invite you to stop in an discover.