Soonwald-Nahe - Nature Reserve

Nature Reserve


Wine hiking trail Rhine-Nahe

Length of trail: 98 km in 6 stages

The Naheland is often yet an insiders' tip among hikers, but to wine connoisseurs it is already known worldwide. The charming Wine hiking trail - Rhine-Nahe presents itself as diversified and multifaceted as the fine Nahe wine.

Wine hiking trail Rhine-Nahe

Rock formations, deep valleys, fortresses, forests, juicy meadows, charming wine villages and of course vineyards all line the trail through the "wine land" on the Nahe River. Vineyards with paths on which you can walk safely, comfortably and mostly level define the most part of the trail also offering several idyllic resting areas and fantastic look-out points.

And if the desire for a glass of Nahe wine and a hearty meal arises, you are welcome at one of the many vineyard pubs and inns kept by vintagers.

Sponheimer Weg - trail
Length of trail: 95 km in 5 stages

During the Middle Ages the (noble) dynasty Sponheimer played an important role in the territorial history of the Naheland, Hunsrueck and Moselle. The Sponheim Fortress in the town bearing the same name is known as the family seat of this old dynasty. It is one of the original locations visited during the hike on the Sponheimer Weg - trail. Historic persons such as Jutta von Sponheim and Michel Mort are inseparably linked with the history of this family.

Sponheimer Weg - trail

The Sponheimer Weg - trail follows along in the tracks of this lost dynasty through the Nature Reserve Soonwald-Nahe from Bad Kreuznach on the Nahe through the Hunsrueck Heights to Traben-Trarbach on the Moselle. Besides historic references the combination of the Nahe and Moselle River and the wine region create the special charm of this historic theme hiking trail.

Naturerlebnisweg Schinderhannes - Nature Trail
Length of trail: 20 km

The "Naturerlebnisweg Schinderhannes - Nature Trail" is developing on the northern border of the Soonwald between Gemuenden in the west and Rheinboellen in the east. This route leads through a diversified natural landscape integrating wonderful look-out points (Koppenstein, Bismarckturm, Hochsteinchen).

Naturerlebnisweg Schinderhannes - Nature 

Besides factual information about nature, history and culture there are also - above all around the Forest Youth Hostel Sargenroth - 'discover and participate' areas for children and youths. The Nature Trail is great for families with children.

Tip: Combine a section of the trail with a walk on one of the local loop trails. There are different options described at each individual starting point.

Rundweitwanderweg Hunsrueck - Long distance loop trail
Length of trail: 160 km in 9 stages

You're seeking a more athletic way of discovering the Nature Reserve Soonwald-Nahe? Then the "Long distance loop trail" Hunsrueck is right for you.

Rundweitwanderweg Hunsrueck - Long 
 distance loop trail

The Hiking Association Hunsrueck offers well marked hiking trails according to the criteria of the International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV), that allow guests to experience all facets of the Nature Reserve Soonwald-Nahe on a 160 km long loop trail. There is the classic version in 9 stages walking or in Nordic Walking, but also in 2 or 3 days with a touring bicycle or mountain bike. You can choose the stages so that you begin and end with a rest stop.

For a day tour there are more options. 4 well prepared loops of 20 km each give you a wonderful look at the characteristic nature of the Hunsrueck, Soonwald and Nahe Valley.