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Regional brand SooNahe

Gutes von Nahe und Hunsrück - Good things from the Nahe and Hunsrück regions

Passion for the region ...Regionalmarke SooNahe

... was the incentive to create the SooNahe brand. The finest products from the Nahe and Hunsrück, from the fields and meadows, gardens, stables and forests all bear the SooNahe sign.

SooNahe represents the quality and variety of products produced on farms, in mills, wine presses, at bakeries, butcher's shops and other food producers in this part of Germany.

Regional foods from the Hunsrück and Nahe. Products straight from the producer to the consumer – that is what the regional brand SooNahe stands for.

The Soonwald-Nahe Nature Park is a marketing partner of the regional brand SooNahe.

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