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Responsibilities & Objectives

The purpose of the supporting organisation Naturpark Soonwald-Nahe e. V. is to protect, maintain and develop nature and the landscape in the Soonwald-Nahe Nature Park in cooperation with all interested public and private institutions and persons.

A further goal is to sustainably secure, improve or restore the efficiency of the natural balance, the natural resources, the native fauna and flora as well as the diversity, character and beauty of nature and the landscape as a basis for human life and its significance for recreation.

The responsibilities and objectives of the Soonwald-Nahe Nature Park are defined in its mission statement: Forest - Wine - Wellness (DE).

The work of the supporting organisation includes:

  • Development of planning concepts for protection, care and development as well as recreation and tourism management.
  • Coordination of state care measures and other measures serving the development objective in cooperation with the competent and affected authorities, institutions and associations.
  • Planning, promotion and maintenance of nature park facilities for recreational purposes.
  • Collaboration in the conservation of historical cultural landscapes and the environment of protected and worthy of preservation building and land monuments.
  • Conducting nature and landscape information and education work for the interests of the Nature Park and ecology.
  • Promoting the sustainable use and marketing of regional products and strengthening regional identity.
  • Safeguarding landscape related recreation and environmentally and socially compatible tourism.

Study of future trends for Nature Park Soonwald-Nahe (German)